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Water - An Australian Story CD

"Water - An Australian Story" is a CD produced by Mornington Peninsula and Indigenous artists putting to music the creation of Peninsula Hot Springs. Over seven tracks listeners are taken on a journey through seven elements in the creation including: water, buoyancy (space), culture, earth, time, stars and creativity. It is a shared reflection on how we live with and learn to respect the environment around us.

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PHS BPA Free Drink Bottle

Peninsula Hot Springs branded BPA Free Plastic Water Bottle with steel lid and strainer inside cap

This is a great environmentally friendly option to disposable water bottles that contribute to landfill and even end up in our oceans

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DVD Back Care led by Steph Prem

Back pain is as common as the cold and flu these days. Sadly most of us will experience back pain, stiffness or injury at some point in our lives. Maintenance and prevention is key when it comes to good back health and care. This Pilates for back health program is designed by Peninsula Hot Springs wellness ambassador Steph Prem. The program is suitable for all levels and all ages who suffer from or want to avoid back pain as it aims to restoring efficient range of motion, improve core stability and posture. Steph will take you through your paces on the mat, foam roller and help you mitigate stress and pain in the body.

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DVD Stretch and Release led by Steph Prem

Get into the daily habit of lengthening and strengthening your body with Peninsula Hot Springs wellness ambassador Steph Prem. This 25 minute program is aimed to work the body by combining dynamic and static stretches which are beneficial for both body and mind.

You will work on the performance of the entire body whilst improving flexibility and range of motion whilst aiding in relaxation and stress management. Performing stretches daily can aid in injury prevention and reduce tension in your body, a tiny change in the way you stretch can make a huge difference. We recommend performing this program as a part of your weekly fitness routine.


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Ibrik Water Decanter Silver LARGE

Hand made in Turkey, these gorgeous steel Ibrik Decanters are a beautiful addition to your home decor. Ibrik is an oriental pitcher for storing and serving water, milk, oil and wine. These decanters are hand made so they have flaws which add to their beautiful charm, they also have sawdust inside to keep out moisture that erodes the metal

Large size: 30cm

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Bordado Hooded Bathrobe

These luxurious unisex hooded robes are lightweight, quick-drying and manufactured from the finest quality cotton for maximum comfort and durability.

Made from superior 100% long fiber Egyptian combined cotton with beautiful millennial grey trim.

Robes have 3/4 sleeves and are available in sizes medium and extra large.


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